Guest-Edited Collections

2015 “Resiting the Village” Critique of Anthropology. Co-edited with Antonio Sorge and Jonathan Padwe. Click here to access the publication
2014 “The Politics of ‘Post-Conflict’: On the Ground in South Asia” Cultural Anthropology (Hot Spots Forum Online). Co-edited with Amanda Snellinger. Click here to access the publication
2014 “Remote and Edgy: New takes on old anthropological themes” Hau—Journal of Ethnographic Theory 4(1): 361-381. Co-edited with Erik Harms and Shafqat Hussain. Click here to access the publication
2013 “Toward an Anthropology of Affirmative Action” Focaal—Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology 65: 3-12. Co-edited with Alpa Shah. Click here to access the publication